Are you Bulgarian?

Are you Bulgarian?
An elderly woman „visibly aged…” (as they say in police records) asked me the most controversial question in my life. At the same time the question was a good natured one but also showing how much we lack this good quality. As Bulgarians.
In a certain store, in a certain village in our unique Bulgaria a woman bent down with age was asking herself out loud how she would ever get her shopping home. She seemed to have done her shopping hoping to spare herself another tiring marathon to the store in next few days, which engendered another problem…
I offered to help. She was startled and the almost snapped at me that she didn’t mean to imply that. Assuring her that my intention was firm, I insisted. But it is not on your way (the shopkeeper was hinting; she knew which directions her customers went). As I insisted, she was relieved to tear down her pride.
Just before I gave her a few minutes’ lift to the steep place she would have needed half an hour to climb in the fiercest heat, she became silent. She seemed wanting to say something nice to me.
Finally she synthesized her well meaning into “Are you Bulgarian?”. At first amused, I started to wonder next and at last it made me sad, because I assumed what she really wanted to say. Nevertheless I inquired why she doubted my nationality.
“Well you are terribly kind and I thought you were a foreigner”!

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  1. Mr.I n d z h e v,our countrymen and additionally Democrats abroad,will appreciate such article,so far inscribes itself better in efforts to explain,what happened with the old Bulgaria as real part of Europe with people of dignity.
    Questions of education,health-care,energy, or pension,s system, might be arranged some how,even with rare skills as in challenges faced lin USA during O b a m a,s Administration on bipartisan basis by forces of center-right,but damages of w r o n g
    l e f t u t h o p i a – in Bulgaria – spiritually

  2. I’m just wondering if so called Йов, кардинал Ришельо и Стамен Стоичков не са едно и също лице?! Стилът е един и същ, откакто се насилвам да му чета коментарите под блога ви г-н Инджев, пък съдържанието никакво го няма…А и винаги е пръв с коментар, защо ли???

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