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Blog Ivo Indjev – Bulgaria | 13/07/2010
Bulgarian media keep mum
Nuclear physicist Georgi Kotev began a hunger strike in front of the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels on Monday. The former employee at Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant is protesting against the alleged illegal use of recycled nuclear fuel from Russia at the plant, which he claims the Bulgarian authorities tolerate. Ivo Inyev voices in his blog his anger at the silence of the media on this case: “Kotev is using the final resort of protest, the hunger strike, to protest against a huge crime that is not only immune to criminal investigation but is also being covered up and continued. … Have the media reported on this? In Bulgaria silence is a weapon of evil. It is a time-honoured means of killing off criticism and critics. The mass media make themselves accomplices and obediently follow the quiet instructions of the state to silently ignore those who disagree. But they’re champions at gabbing on about nonsense. The World Cup however has ended. What remains for us is the regional championship in who’s best at keeping mum.”

Blog Ivo Indjev – Bulgaria | 27/05/2010
Bulgaria’s tourism lobby dictates smoking legislation
The Bulgarian parliament has considerably relaxed the total smoking ban planned for June 1, 2010 in a bid to avoid heavy losses in the tourism sector. While the EU has criticised the move as populistic, Ivo Indjev writes in his blog that lobbyists had a strong hand in the decision: “It is nothing more than cynicism to state that the move to protect smokers’ rights is an expression of concern over state revenues from tourism. The state is in cohorts with its innkeepers. If it really does want to fill its coffers in this way, we will have to put up a sign at the entrance to Bulgaria saying: ‘Beware, mortal danger!’ Because here money is more important than public health (although whether the smoking ban really would harm the tourist industry is another question altogether). If even the EU fails to see the forces behind this blatant disrespect for human health in Bulgaria and chooses to play the whole thing down as ‘populism’, our European development is clearly incomprehensible for Brussels as well.”

Blog Ivo Indjev – Bulgaria | 06/04/2010
Bulgarian media too close to politics
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov recently told his ministers not to react to critical media reports, while recommending that journalists should not report on allegedly anti-constitutional issues. This creates a dangerous proximity between journalists and politics, writes Ivo Indjev in his blog: “In conflicts with journalists ministers are supposed to ‘lower their heads and be silent’. These are the very words with which Borisov addressed his ministers. To the Bulgarian media, at least in its current state, that sounds very flattering indeed. How can one not be intoxicated by such an avowal? Borisov lowers his head to no adversary, not even the president. And now he does so to the journalists, of all people? Yes, because they are not adversaries but partners, instruments or simply a means for attaining his own goals. For that reason it makes very good sense to stroke their egos to encourage mutual love.”

Blog Ivo Indjev – Bulgaria | 06/01/2010
Bulgaria bows to crime
Boris Zankov, a former Bulgarian radio journalist and author of a book exposing the mafia was shot down on a street in the centre of Sofia on Tuesday. In his blog Ivo Indjev expresses indignation at the interior ministry’s claims of success in the battle against organised crime and even accuses the state of protecting crime: “Against this background the statement by Interior Minister Zvetan Zvetanov on Bulgarian national radio, according to which the raid against ‘the cheeky devils’ [the nickname of a group of notorious kidnappers] was a hard blow to organised crime sounds extremely embarrassing. It turns out that ‘the cheeky devils’ are showing no sign of respect. On the contrary, we, the taxpayers, the voters, respect them. … There can be no worse criminals than those who enjoy the protection of the state.”

Blog Ivo Indjev – Bulgaria | 24/03/2009
Prime minister’s hug a coup for photographers
The daily newspaper Trud has published a photo of Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev hugging a pensioner. On his blog Ivo Indyev comments ironically on the picture: “One is tempted to believe that this time it’s not just a pose. What looks like free-style wrestling or a hot tango between Stanishev and the older, apparently male subject is probably a spontaneous expression of compassion on the part of the prime minister, in helping to his feet a pensioner who has stumbled. For the … ever-waiting photographers this is a coup. That’s how it is, and when it sees its role model the electorate swoons – with Lukanov and Widenov [former prime ministers] with hunger and now with emotion. It’s a good thing that the battles with [Sofia’s] mayor Borisov [leader of the GERB party and a major rival for Stanishev’s party] have kept the idol in good form so he has the strength, the speed and the deftness to save at least one pensioner.”

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  1. Не обичам клишетата, ама нищо друго не ми идва на ум:”Никой не е пророк в собствената си страна”!
    Иво, радвам се за теб! Много!

  2. Иво,как е Гоце с английския.Ако му драсна няколко реда ще ли ме разбере.То,че от български не разбира е ясно.

  3. Mr.I n d z h e v,we appreciate Sir,events as evolved and analyzed.
    In my last comments I turned your attention about the US Ambassador,s initiative,to engage “Chevron” with Bulgaria,s clean energy,able and capable to approach us, as potential partner in South East Europe, to NATO, USA and Canada,so far and if works,our needs of 5 bns c/m would make us with 25 bns c/m,a new fresh main ally in the region after some efforts of the
    old good Europe and the EU,moreover done the meeting of
    the Canadian Minister of Foreign Trade Affairs Mr. Peter Van Lone,with our PM B o y k o B o r i s s o v.
    Historically seen,might be an excellent chance until 2020.

  4. If the EU seems successfully ref. recent talks between Ashton and
    D a v u t o g l u in Istanbul yesterday about needed changes in the Constitution of Turkey,
    obviously Sofia,Commissonar Stefan Fuelle and Bulgarian Diplomacy are stepping on the good way to make traditionally the initiated dialogue,as crafted also internally by PM E r d o g a n.
    The future events,as mentioned above,need also your talent Mr.
    I n d z h e v!
    By the way,why hell ruling class seems so obstinate,which concern it,s proper Party Line?
    It is so sadly!

  5. So Ivo … the comments must be in English too, a?
    Just asking, no offense. 🙂

  6. Senor I n d z h e v,antes d e la
    v i a j e y la v i s i t a d e l Primer M i n i s t r o a M o s c u manana,d i a, 15 d e j u l i o, p a r e c e
    m u y i n t e r s a n t e q u e para 20 e s p e c i a l i d a d e s en la U n i v e r s i d a d d e Sofia,l o s a s p i r a n t e s,d e b e n e n f r e n t a r s e con l o s l e g a d o s
    d e n u e s t r o p a s a d o
    h i s t o r i c o,d u r a n t e l o s t i e m p o s d e …… S t a m b o l o f f y e l Rey Ivan A s s e n III.
    M e p r e g u n t o Senor,q u e
    c l a s e d e p r e s a g i o
    e s e s e?
    Es u n d e s a f i o,NO !!!
    m e n o s s i g n i f i c a t i v o y v i s i o n a r i o
    p a r a
    l a d i p l o m a c i a
    r u s a con m i r a s a l s. XXI!

  7. И кво? Ква е идеята на тая публикация?

  8. Към Балтимор:

    Коментарите, както и четенето на блога, не са задължителни. За разлика от заяжданията, май.

  9. Към колбасар:

    Кво ли? Идеята е за онези, които могат да я схванат – съдържа се в контекста на публикацията. Щом има желаещи да превеждат и публикуват въпросните статии, значи има и желаещи да четат на други езици. Но това явно обижда ентелегентноста на колбасарите.

  10. Please gentlemen, Kardinal Ricehlieu and Talleyrand! Be mercy guys! You sound so similar. … I hard get you in Bulgarian, don’t make this job harder in English. I beg you, “both”! 😉

  11. Blog Ivo Indjev – Bulgarie | mardi, 13. juillet 2010
    Les médias bulgares se contraignent au silence

    Le scientifique nucléaire Georgi Kotev a entamé lundi une grève de la faim devant la Commission européenne à Bruxelles. L’ex-collaborateur de la centrale nucléaire bulgare de Kozlodouï proteste contre l’utilisation illégale présumée de combustible nucléaire recyclé en provenance de Russie dans ce réacteur nucléaire, une situation tolérée par les autorités bulgares. Ivo Indjev s’indigne dans son blog sur le silence des médias sur cette affaire : “Entamer une grève de la faim représente pour Kotev le dernier moyen dont il dispose pour protester contre un énorme crime qui n’est pas seulement protégé contre toute enquête judiciaire, mais aussi camouflé et qui continue d’être commis. … Les médias ont-ils traité ce sujet ? En Bulgarie, le silence est une arme du mal. C’est un moyen avéré pour étouffer insidieusement la critique et les critiques. Obéissants et fraternels, les médias de masse se plient aux ordres silencieux de l’Etat qui leur demande de ne pas parler de ceux qui pensent autrement. En revanche, ils peuvent bavasser sur la Coupe du monde. Celle-ci est à présent terminée. Ce qui nous reste, c’est le championnat régional qui consiste à ‘parier sur celui qui sait le mieux se taire’.”

  12. Wow! Mr Injev is so furious today! Don’t you have a little sense of humour Mr Injev? I can’t believe you don’t? I even asked you “no offense”?

  13. Драги Колбасар , май не е нужно даже човек да знае каквито и да било чужди езици за да схване въобще някаква идея.
    По същия начин както на разни колбасарски карти на Европа с които Вие навярно сте добре запознат може да се види къде се произвеждат НАЙ-АПЕТИТНИТЕ И ТЪРСЕНИ КОЛБАСИ – разни баварски кренвирши, прошути от Парма , смядовски луканки и т.н. така и ако погледате малко анимационната картинка и може нещо да Ви се проясни относно кои са НАЙ-УВАЖАВАНИТЕ и АВТОРИТЕТНИ МЕДИИ от различни части на Европа.
    На мен специално тази простичка анимацийка много ми хареса и затова поздравления и от мен г-н Инджев.

  14. Едва когато чета на английски забелязвам до каква степен стилът ви на писане всъщност се отличава от българския.

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